Apply for a Grant

The Andover Cultural Council is committed to reaching all members of the community through supporting a cross section of activities. Concerts, vocal performances, live theater, dance, public art installations, storytelling, and family, student, and senior citizen programs have all been recently supported.

Funds are awarded annually. Applications must be submitted electronically through the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) website. This year’s application period opened on October 1, 2020 and closed on December 14, 2020 (extended from the original November 16, 2020 date).  It is a selective process, and not all applications are approved. You can read more about our requirements and priorities below. ACC members are easily available and eager to talk with you about your project proposal or idea.

Do you have an idea for a project that will directly benefit Andover? Are you an individual artist? Cultural organization? How about a teacher, library or school? Local and regional individuals and organizations in the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences are all eligible to apply. Religious organizations are eligible if the project is cultural in nature and open to all. Remember, the deadline for application was December 14, and all applications must be submitted online through the MCC website. Interested? Visit the MCC website for complete information and instructions.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Andover Council directly. We’d love to talk with you, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store!

ACC Funding Requirements

Your project must address local needs benefiting the Andover community.

The application must 

  • Name a lead artist, scholar or scientist
  • Have a confirmed date and venue
  • Include support letters from key partners (for example, collaborators, partner organizations, venue/location partners, municipal and permitting agencies) 

Applications will NOT be considered without this confirmed information. 

Projects must take place within the calendar year — January 1 – December 31 — following the application deadline. Projects that have been completed before the grant application deadline will no longer be considered.

The project must satisfy ADA (Americans with Disabilities) requirements.

The project budget must 

  • Be balanced, realistic, and accurate
  • Reflect the entire project budget with as much detail as possible at the time of the application
  • Include all income, with notations about whether that income is confirmed, pending, or an identified opportunity

The project must be able to proceed with partial funding.

The ACC only accepts online applications. Paper applications will not be accepted. The ACC will do its best to provide assistance for the application process if needed. 

Applications for arts or arts-related projects taking place in Andover Public Schools, no matter the department or originating entity, must include a letter of support from the District’s Fine Arts Program Coordinator. School projects are also strongly encouraged to seek matching funds from their respective Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).

Field trip requests will only be considered from school groups. Funds may not be used for transportation costs. If you are seeking transportation funds, please look at MCC’s Yellow School Bus program.

PLEASE NOTE: If you received a FY2020 grant, but that event or activity has not been able to take place because of COVID conditions, you are still eligible to apply again in FY2021. If you do apply however, please note that new projects, or projects that supplement earlier projects, will be prioritized.

ACC Funding Priorities

  • Innovative projects that take a new approach to addressing cultural change in our community, highlighting diversity and inclusion of artists/scholars/scientists and target audiences (race, ethnicity, age, gender, cultural background, physical ability, and discipline). 
  • Projects that include collaborations, involvement, and support of multiple constituencies in Andover.
  • Projects that have an element of flexibility, enabling them to be seen and/or experienced by a broad audience regardless of current public health or social gathering concerns, and are not dependent on physical presence to experience.
  • Projects that reach an appropriate audience size, benefiting a significant or appropriate number of Andover residents.

FIRST TIME APPLICANTS: Please note that we strongly encourage first time applicants to reach out to a council member well in advance of submitting their application. This is to ensure that they are including all the necessary components of their application, and to give the first-time applicant the best possible chance for success in receiving a grant.