Welcome to the Andover Cultural Council website!  The Andover Cultural Council (ACC) helps fund and promote cultural programs that enhance the quality of life in Andover, MA.  We are a non-profit organization funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), a state agency.  The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the MCC, which in turn allocates funds to each community.  We then review and award our allotment to those projects of quality that provide the greatest local benefit.  We are proud to be part of  the MCC network of 329 local councils serving the Commonwealth.  Together with the other councils, we form part of the largest grassroots cultural funding networks in the nation, supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, sciences, and humanities each year.

In addition to our funding mission, we also partner with other groups and organizations in town to promote a robust cultural atmosphere by fostering the growing arts community.  We serve as advocates for the arts through community outreach and publicity, and are proud members of the Andover Arts & Culture Alliance.