About Us

The Andover Cultural Council is a group of volunteers, appointed by the Board of Selectmen for two consecutive, three-year terms. Members include people with a range of experience. Some of us have backgrounds in the arts, but while that may be helpful, it is not a requirement. We seek people with a variety of talents and backgrounds, representing a cross section of the community. What IS necessary, however, is a passionate belief in the importance of the arts and culture in our daily lives, along with a commitment to enhancing the increasing cultural vitality of Andover.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us at acc01810@gmail.com or fill out the Talent Bank form located on the Town of Andover website at https://www.andoverma.gov/FormCenter/Common-Talent-Bank-5/Andover-Talent-Bank-Form-43

Current members of the Council are:

Yuantai Du
Peter Fenzel
Paul Graveline
Tanja King
Leslie Seaton Malis
Jessica McCormack
Susie Novick
Amie Joof Senghore
Morgan von Prelle Pecelli

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